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Our Company

Feyz International is part of the Feyz Global group that operates in multiple countries around the world. The historically grown focus of the group's activities lies on the transportation & logistics, international trade, construction, private military and security industries with a special emphasis on business in Europe and Middle East. However, the functional competencies also comprise financial services, investments, event management and business consulting.

Our Values
Our Community

A positive future for humanity is achievable. However, in all areas of society, building a better tomorrow requires the unlocking of resourcefulness. That is why we give our time and expertise to support communities and inspire people, especially those who are disadvantaged, to become the innovators and leaders of tomorrow.

Our Organisation 
Our History 

2018                       Established Feyz & Co LLC in Paris

2019                       Opened business bases in Europe

2020                       Service operations start in France

                                Dissolved Feyz & Co LLC


2021                       Established Feyz International LLC in Moscow

                                Service operations start in Russia 

2022                       Opened a branch in Paris

                                Service operations end in Russia

                                Headquarters location changed

2023                       Service operations start in Turkey

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