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Feyz International is a European Consulting company providing guidance and solutions to businesses. Founded in 2018, Feyz International is specialized in legal, financial & tax advisory, and corporate event management. With more than 100 customers across the world, we have been rolling out solutions in major projects for many years. 


Recognized for their expertise and valued for their analysis and technical skills, our consultants and engineers engage across all sectors ranging from financial services and transportation, to healthcare and technology. Our experts, around Europe, design, manage and accompany transformation processes with measurable results. 

Our unique business model allows us to blend management consulting skills, hands-on industry expertise and functional knowledge, including such substandard competences as tax management, process optimisation, technology consulting, FDI & FPI, sourcing support, procurement strategy and much more…


Feyz International’s Corporate Event management team organises customised summits, conferences and gala dinners for industry leaders with trending innovative topics and their solutions. We provide our clients a networking platform constituting of 5000+ C-level executives from different backgrounds and industries, such as Automotive, Retail, Banking or Healthcare, who can anticipate issues and help companies strive. Our team will guide and cater for our customers to have the best possible experience!

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Targeted towards IT leaders striving to improve and create value for their businesses. 

Tech Leadership

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This conference provides a networking platform for pioneers in the European and French markets.

Business Leadership Conference 

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Milan IT Leadership Summit is specifically designed to share knowledge and to expand professional networks.

IT Leadership Summit 



Healthcare companies must identify ways to deliver better value for patients, fuel innovation and reduce the cost and complexity of operating systems.

Healthcare Industry

Feyz International provides exceptional networking events and a wide range of consultancy services to our clients through effective and cost-efficient business strategies, FDI and FPI consultancy, financial and administrative services.

Our team consists of people skilled in appropriate technologies and architectures to deliver creative, innovative, flexible solutions that are reliable and exceed expectations.

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