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About Us

Feyz International is a growing company offering consulting services, event management and investment assistance to local and international clients - both in France and abroad. Founded by a diverse group of international development professionals, Feyz International has delivered development consulting projects in Switzerland, France, Turkey, Russia and the surrounding region since 2018.

Our Activity


Feyz International is a European Consulting company providing guidance and solutions to businesses. Founded in 2018, Feyz International is specialized in legal, financial & tax advisory, and corporate event management. With more than 100 customers across the world, we have been rolling out solutions in major projects for many years. 


Recognized for their expertise and valued for their analysis and technical skills, our consultants and engineers engage across all sectors ranging from financial services and transportation, to healthcare and technology. Our experts, around Europe, design, manage and accompany transformation processes with measurable results. 

Our unique business model allows us to blend management consulting skills, hands-on industry expertise and functional knowledge, including such substandard competences as tax management, process optimisation, technology consulting, FDI & FPI, sourcing support, procurement strategy and much more…


Feyz International’s Corporate Event management team organises customised summits, conferences and gala dinners for industry leaders with trending innovative topics and their solutions. We provide our clients a networking platform constituting of 5000+ C-level executives from different backgrounds and industries, such as Media, Retail, Banking or Healthcare, who can anticipate issues and help companies strive. Our team will guide and cater for our customers to have the best possible experience!

Our Mission


Connecting Passionate Leaders to Provide a Better Future 

At Feyz International, we connect passionate professionals to create insightful solutions to any challenges they may face. Our ability to anticipate, comprehend and provide a deep understanding of our clients' engineering, strategic and planning needs leads to sustainable results and long-term partnerships. Our commitment to individual empowerment and continuous development enables us not only to best serve our clients, but also to better influence our own destiny, shaping the future of society. 

Our Vision


To provide authentic solutions driven by commitment and perseverance to create sustainable business value

We strive to be known for our ability to find genuine, simple and sustainable solutions to our clients' most compelling opportunities and complex challenges. By earning trust through bold actions, our associates will be recognized for their success in delivering world-class solutions and maximizing customer satisfaction. To realize this vision, we will be at the forefront of staff development and sustainable business transformation.

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